General details

CSSassist is a service designed to assist website owners with their CSS needs. It is not a service for designing websites from scratch, building website functionality, or creating website design mockups.

Generally, CSSassist is best for website owners who have design-related technical issues and would rather outsource the handling of such issues. Below you will find a list of typical CSS needs:

  • responsive CSS for improved mobile display
  • link and button color adjustments
  • HTML form designs (newsletter forms, contact forms, etc.)
  • position adjustment for on-screen HTML elements
  • design conflicts between unrelated website elements

Requesting a quote

Assistance is not guaranteed. By requesting a quote, you are asking CSSassist to consider providing assistance with your CSS needs. Based on the details of your request, this may or may not happen. Subsequent dialogue is oftentimes necessary.

After your request for a quote is reviewed, you will be contacted with either a quote, a request for more information about your needs, or a declination of service response.

Until an invoice is paid by the client (you), all dialogue is informal and nonbinding.

Agreement and payment

Once terms are agreed upon, including proposed CSS adjustments, payment details, and timeframe, an invoice will be delivered by CSSassist outlining the work that is to be done and required payment to begin working on the issues.

Agreements below $99 are to be paid upfront. Agreements that are $100 or more will require half payment upfront and half payment upon completion. This arrangement helps protect both parties from fraud and abuse.

All payments will be made through an official invoice provided by CSSassist. If the agreement requires multiple invoices, such details will be outlined in the invoices indicating that full payment is not complete until all invoices are paid. Records of all payments will be available.


Refunds are available under the following conditions:

  • the requested work was not started
  • the requested work cannot be done, as declared by CSSassist

With the exception of the conditions outlined above, initial invoice payments (for agreements requiring multiple invoices) are nonrefundable. If midway through an agreement the client (you) need to move in another direction, future invoice payments can be canceled but initial payments will not be refunded.

Site access

When possible, all development will be done on a public staging server. Changes to your live site will not happen until the work is approved and the final invoice payment is made. If necessary, development can be done on your site site. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If site access is necessary, login credentials will be shared securely.